Review: Cleveland Heights LGBTQ Sci-Fi and Fantasy Role Playing Club by Doug Henderson

I was very excited to see a book like this from University of Iowa Press with such close proximity to one of the most prestigious writing programs in the nation (Iowa Writer’s Workshop). I knew it would be interesting to see how Doug Henderson would traverse the lines between the fantasy genre and literary realism in his debut novel, The Cleveland Heights LGBTQ Sci-Fi and Fantasy Role Playing Club (April 2, 2021).

This is a book about early adulthood and establishing self in your mid-to-late twenties. A common experience in the LGBTQ community that goes down much easier for straight…

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I was fortunate enough to attend church and communion for the second week in a row with some COVID precautions like masks & social distancing. On the way, I listened to my local Christian radio station. Their news noted Al Mohler’s concern about the ability to choose pronouns on government websites and the increased inclusivity adoption agencies have taken to receive government funding.

LGBT folks are accused of having an agenda without acknowledging Mohler and other white evangelicals’ agenda for LGBT people, whether they have faith or not. He claims that LGBT rights are ‘newly invented’ and actively denies the…

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My series of poems about my exes is complete. I lived my Taylor Swift dream for a week or so. The entire front page is full of boyfriend poems. They have a title form that gives it away — a pairing of words with an ampersand having to do with the relationship in some obvious and obtuse ways. I’m glad they exist in the world. Head to the main page to see all of them or enjoy the latest entry.

Besos & La Bufadora even has an autofiction companion of sorts from a while back if you would like to…

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You probably cheated on me,
too cowardly to end things
you said, “I don’t want to be
your boyfriend, but I still
want to date you,” late at
night, when I was too tired
to storm out and go home.

Your passenger side
was always cluttered
with soda cans, and
you never cleaned it
out when I rode with
you, which was often.

You switched from wine bottles,
to boxed wine because you drank
so much, the bag was too heavy
to take out to the trash can.

It was a problem we never talked about.

“I just like a…

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I haven’t done much on Medium since October, but I did manage to get married in January of this year as well as teaching through a pandemic and managing student needs. It has been a lot. Recently, I’ve been giving myself permission to go on Taylor Swift pop binges listening to new releases of her old music catalog. Each song is changed in small ways so she can retain ownership of it after a not-so-great record deal signed in her early teen years.

Taylor famously recounts her romantic life in her songs. It makes me think about my own relationship…

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